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AV-Comparatives: A Summer Breeze of Security News

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INNSBRUCK, Austria, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The summer is hot, but here is a breeze of security news to cool you down. We have been busy during the summer months, and here are the news:

Data transmission in consumer security products

Get deep insights from the recent data collection and sharing practices of consumer anti-virus products. In an age of increasing concerns about data security and privacy, Internet users are becoming more cautious about who has access to their personal information and how it is utilized. These concerns extend to computer security software, which often requires some level of data sharing to protect users from malware effectively.

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Origin & Evolution: An In-Depth Exploration of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Groups

This blog post explores the identification of APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Groups and their attribution in cyber-attacks. Furthermore, it delves into the intriguing scarcity of groups originating from Western countries.

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Read about the side effects of speed optimization

Finding the right balance between real-time malware detection and performance is challenging. Anti-virus vendors optimize their respective products in various ways to reduce the impact on system performance.

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NGFW Egress C2 Test: Assessing the Effectiveness of Outgoing Network Traffic Prevention and Detection Capabilities

In June 2023, AV-Comparatives conducted an NGFW Egress C2 Test to evaluate the effectiveness of NGFW products in detecting and preventing malicious traffic. This test focused on the effectiveness of using various communication channels and protocols such as TCP, HTTP, and DNS. As none of the products submitted in 2023 for this NGFW Egress C2 certification passed the test, we offer this test again next year.

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Decreasing false alarms in enterprise security products

From time to time, enterprise users send us false-positives samples they have encountered. Some of these might be used in our false-positives test and thus also contribute to improvements.

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