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Basilicata shines at Berlin's ITB travel trade show

Basilicata shines at Berlin's ITB travel trade show
Basilicata shines at Berlin's ITB travel trade show - APT BASILICATA
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Region's niche offerings 'beloved by German visitors'

Matera – 08/04/2024 (News Aktuell).-

The Basilicata region presented its tourist attractions once again this year with a stand at Berlin's ITB travel trade show.

Its tourist offering, so niche it has been described as 'punctiform', plays on nature and Italian passions and 'roots' - three elements beloved by German tourists, Marcella Di Feo of the region's Agency of territorial promotion (Apt) has told ANSA.

"Basilicata never misses Berlin's ITB" and is always present "at the Enit Italia pavilion with other regions", said Marcella Di Feo, who is responsible for international marketing at the Apt agency.

"And, obviously, we expect to always maintain a well-structured and consolidated relationship with the tourist market" in Germany, she added, speaking from the Fair's pavilion 1, which is mainly occupied by Italy.

German tourists "always remain among the top 10 of our arrivals and visits" and are "the most complete", filling "all niches of demand" and "tourist offers that Basilicata can have", said Di Feo. In particular, Di Feo cited "green" tourism, which "is very much liked by the average German tourist". It was developed during the Covid pandemic crisis, although it "will be improved", explained the official, who was at the regional stand featuring the logo "Basilicata State of Mind".

Basilicata "can boast five natural parks" (including two national and three regional parks), she added.

"We have a series of offers, thanks to the network of private tour operators connected to open-air" and "active vacations" that are "well-liked by Germans", as presented at a press conference in Berlin by the Basilicata official, who was at the fair held on March 5-7.

Stressing that "we want 'guests', given that everybody else has 'tourists'", Di Feo went on to explain that the region is investing "on niche tourism" - rather than "mass tourism" - which she described as "punctiform" and "high quality". Such tourism can be defined "by passions", including sailing or other seaside activities, as well as literature, "fairy tales and magic", noted Di Feo, adding that "private professionals" create "special offers" for "passionate guests".

Moreover, she stressed, the region is aiming to attract visitors who are fascinated by the cultural roots of the territory: this "is the year of Italian roots in the world", and "we can boast that we are already prepared" to welcome back Italian emigrees or their children and descendants who often don't travel alone "but rather with tourist packages organized by tour operators".

Initiatives will also be presented at the Roots-IN 2024, the Roots Tourism International Exchange scheduled to take place on November 18-19 this year in Matera, concluded Di Feo.

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