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Business Process Management Study 2023: More Demand For BPM In Companies Than Ever

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Recent BPM study by the ZHAW School of Management and Law in collaboration with BOC Group reveals latest process management developments and trends.

MADRID, Aug. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Institute of Business Information Technology at the ZHAW and BOC Group conducted a BPM study1 with over 300 respondents across companies of different sizes and industries, offering a comprehensive overview of the 2022 status quo in process management, its developments in the past eleven years, as well as an outlook to future trends.

In 2011, BPM was still referred to as a "new-age management discipline". Today, at an operational level, BPM is considered to be an integral part of companies of all sizes. Study results confirm that besides classic process management goals such as optimization (70%), roughly half of the participants also associate other scenarios such as quality management, digitalization, or ICS with process management.

In terms of BPM execution, specialized process management tools or database-based graphical modelling tools, like BOC Group's BPM suite ADONIS, are increasingly being used. Biggest challenges identified in this regard are the lack of resources and qualified personnel (67%), as well as low BPM acceptance within the company overall (48%).

Generally, it can be observed that business process management has evolved from a marginal discipline into a key, stable component of most companies. Future forecasts are also promising, with over 68% of respondents being convinced that process management will have a significantly increased or rising relevance for their companies in the future.

To get an even more comprehensive picture of the status, developments and future of BPM, interested parties can download the full BPM study for free.

1Business Process Management Study 2023, Analysis of the 2022 status quo and developments over the last 11 years in the context of BPM, A study by the Institute of Business Information Technology in cooperation with BOC Group, Authors: Tim Geppert, Björn Scheppler, Felix Meentken, Sandro Gerussi & Elke Brucker-Kley, March 2023

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