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China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group Released Co-produced Documentary "A Port City's Quick Response to COVID-19"

TIANJIN, China, May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tianjin's public health emergency response level was lowered to level-2 on April 30, after almost four months of continuous efforts in COVID-19 prevention and control. As a port city, Tianjin faced drastic challenges during the pandemic.

On January 25, Costa Serena, a cruise ship sailing from Tianjin to Fukuoka and Sasebo in Japan, returned with 3,706 passengers, including 148 from Hubei Province, China's epicenter of coronavirus outbreak.

During the suspended trip, 17 people showed fever symptom, which put the local government on high alert. Tianjin authorities immediately dispatched health workers to board the ship for inspection and testing.

After they tested the 17 passengers with fever, a helicopter carried their testing samples to the local disease control authorities, the results of which were all negative.

However, considering the potential high risks, the government of Binhai New Area of Tianjin put all the 17 passengers at a hotel with free medical assistance, food and accommodation. After 14 days, they were all discharged in healthy condition.

This video was co-produced by China Matters and Tianjin Haihe Media Group. It reveals behind-the-scene stories of how Tianjin responded quickly to ward off the spreading of coronavirus by taking decisive actions of testing and quarantine on suspected cases.

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