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Deepening the Partnership: Dawn Health Introduces Ekiva for Enhanced Disease Management of Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglob

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Building upon their partnership announced last year, digital health leader Dawn Health and global pharmaceutical company Novartis are proud to announce the launch of Ekiva PNH, an innovative digital solution designed for people living with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH).

This latest Ekiva product launch signifies not only a continuation of the innovative and collaborative efforts between Dawn Health and Novartis, but also illustrates the customizability and efficiency of the modular Dawn platform. Ekiva PNH is tailored to the specific needs of the PNH patient population, offering enhanced functionalities for supporting bespoke care and setting a new standard in patient personalization.

Last year saw the launch of the first Ekiva solution from Dawn Health and Novartis, providing people with Multiple Sclerosis a solution to support them in the everyday management of their MS. Ekiva MS was in the hands of its first users in only six months, and with +25.000 downloads in its first 6 months, it's clearly showing the market's need for these innovative solutions.

"Following our strategic collaboration announcement last year, we are extremely proud to bring Ekiva to the PNH community, once again delivering a solution with unprecedented speed, empowering patients to monitor their disease. This solution embodies our digital-first strategy and patient-centric approach, offering a new level of care customization and support for PNH patients," said Daniel Daugaard, Founder and Co-CEO of Dawn Health.

PNH, a rare blood disorder characterized by the destruction of red blood cells, blood clots, and impaired bone marrow function, presents unique challenges for patients to monitor their disease. Ekiva addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive digital platform that empowers a patient reducing the uncertainties associated with disease management.

Ekiva provides users with advanced tools including disease-specific symptom tracking and disease management functionalities, such as care planning, medication reminders, as well as a suite of consultation support services. These personalized and specialized functionalities are crafted in co-creation with the PNH care eco-system and designed to support patients and caregivers, driving more informed and data-based conversations leading to enhanced health outcomes.

This initiative is another major step in Dawn Health's mission to improve patient lives on a global scale by bringing together technology, innovation, and behavior change. It also demonstrates Novartis' ongoing dedication to fulfilling the needs of patients with chronic conditions, particularly in areas where patient needs are largely unmet.

With the launch of Ekiva PNH, Dawn Health and Novartis reaffirm their position at the forefront of digital innovation in healthcare, setting a new standard in the management of rare chronic diseases.

About Dawn Health

Dawn Health is a global leader in digital health, specializing in the development of software as medical device (SaMD) and digital therapeutics (DTx). Partnering with pharmaceutical companies, Dawn Health accelerates the launch of digital solutions to change the lives of people with chronic conditions.

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