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Desert Control Intensifies U.S. Focus on Climate-Smart Resilience for Agriculture and Green Landscapes: Q2 Results Posit

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SANDNES, Norway, Aug. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Desert Control (OSE: DSRT) fortifies its mission to enhance resilience in the agriculture and landscaping sectors in the U.S. Southwest with its Liquid Natural Clay (LNC) innovation. The strengthened focus on the United States is backed by a strategic shift where local partners take the helm in developing the Middle Eastern markets. Achievements in Q2 2023 bolster the Company's foundation for sustainable growth.

Desert Control: Pioneering Soil Revitalization and Water Conservation

Desert Control specializes in improving the productivity of sandy and degraded soil with its patented Liquid Natural Clay innovation. LNC is a nature-based solution to upgrade sandy soil's capability to retain and utilize water and nutrients, positioning it as a game-changer in climate-smart agriculture and sustainable land management.

As a result of Q2-2023 achievements, Desert Control reinforces its strategy to enrich U.S. soils for a resilient future by paving the way for local partners to take the lead in the Middle East. The soil and water conservation progress enabled by LNC in the U.S. Southwest is fortified further by ten new pilot initiatives with farmers and landowners in Arizona and California, spanning from orchards and farm fields to green landscapes and sports fields.

The University of Arizona embarked on a five-year validation program, showing impressive results after its first year. The study showcases how LNC can transform dry, sandy soil into fertile ground, holding promise for regions grappling with water scarcity. Recent findings, as elaborated in a University of Arizona article, indicate up to 50% improvement in water and nutrient use efficiency, illustrating the potential of LNC.

Desert Control's CEO, Ole Kristian Sivertsen, highlighted the magnitude of the promising interim results of the University study: "The successful transformation of sandy ground to high-value fertile land can inspire hope for the future of farming way beyond Arizona."

World Economic Forum further highlights the importance of innovations like LNC for soil health and resilience in a drying world, announcing Desert Control as a Top Innovator.

While making strides in the U.S., Desert Control's strategic transition to a licensed operator model for the Middle East unlocks potential and significantly strengthens the Company's financial position. This shift enables local partners to produce, sell, and deliver LNC as an integrated part of their business tailored for unique market needs, driving solid progress toward sustainable growth for Liquid Natural Clay adoption.

Desert Control announced its Q2 and First Half 2023 report on 24 August. As part of the Company's commitment to transparency, a comprehensive suite of materials detailing year-to-date achievements has been made available:

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