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Imitera and AlixLabs Collaborate Using Cutting-Edge XR Solution to Revolutionize the Visualization of Atomic Level Semic

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STOCKHOLM and LUND, Sweden, July 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Imitera, a leading company delivering Extended Reality (XR) solutions, and AlixLabs, a visionary in scaling semiconductor devices using a new technique in the fabrication of nanostructures, are proud to announce a collaboration that will revolutionize the visualization and marketing of AlixLabs disruptive semiconductor manufacturing method.

Imitera's cutting-edge XR platform will optimize the processes for the teams at AlixLabs, providing a unique opportunity to meet in a virtual representation of atoms, molecules, and surface reactions on an atomic level. This breakthrough technology enables live testing and seamless information sharing, driving collaborative and object-human-centric processes powered by XR applications.

"At Imitera, we address the challenges faced by many companies in accessing, displaying, and demonstrating real-world business offers," explained John Nilsson, CEO of Imitera. "By harnessing the latest XR technologies and applications, we create immersive virtual experiences that showcase and display products, processes, or services. We are thrilled to collaborate with AlixLabs, a company leading the way in scaling semiconductor devices. Through this partnership, we aim to provide unparalleled value and facilitate teams and stakeholders in their decision-making processes, whether it's in R&D, sales, or planning."

The impact of Imitera's XR solution is already evident, as highlighted by Dr. Jonas Sundqvist, Co-founder, and CEO of AlixLabs. "We are amazed by the insights we gained when we first met inside the XR atomic level world, we were like kids again in the IKEA ball bath" said Sundqvist. Amin Karimi, co-founder and COO of AlixLabs added "With our team dispersed across countries, being able to virtually meet and engage inside the Atomic Layer Etch (ALE) chamber has been a game-changer. Thanks to Imitera's XR solutions, we will have a new platform for meeting and reaching out to our collaborators and investors around the world."

The collaboration with AlixLabs showcases the transformative power of Imitera's XR technology. By addressing the market's demand for high-quality, cost-effective, and user-friendly XR experiences, Imitera's solutions are poised to drive innovation and growth in various industries.


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