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Isotopia Issues a call to action to the radionuclide Therapy industry.

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PETAH TIKVA, Israel, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Isotopia Molecular Imaging is a global pharmaceutical company that develops, produces, and distributes therapeutic and diagnostic radioactive isotopes.

"If you are in the Lu-177 field, don't miss this information."

The Lu-177 radiopharmaceuticals sector stands at a critical juncture, necessitating urgent collaboration. Our shared duty as supply chain stewards has never been more vital. Success hinges on our ability to address this pressing matter together.

Currently, a sole global entity monopolizes the production of Yb-176, the target material, and the entrance of new players remains years away from being commercial.

This has led to a situation where the existing supply is insufficient to meet growing demand.

Adding to the complexity, research reactors have formed close ties with certain pharmaceutical firms, which restricts broader collaborations with various Lu-177 producers.

Achieving true self-reliance in this sector is hindered by these alignments, potentially leading to a shortage of products in the market and an overall imbalance in supply and demand. Manufacturers who are going to install irradiation systems in power reactors are also years of being commercial.

The consequences of inaction are dire. If supplies falter, physician trust could wane, and they may withhold recommendations.

This cascading effect can shake the confidence of pharmaceutical firms, threatening the integrity of the entire field, and a potential pullback of investors. That's a shadow we can't afford to cast on the sector's future.

Your influence can drive supply chain collaboration.

This is our chance to redefine Lu-177-based radiotherapy. Joining forces will determine our success.

Join me -- for patients, practitioners, pioneers, and the promise of Lu-177-based radiotherapy.

Together, we transcend obstacles, secure treatment, progress, and bolster investor confidence in this vital field.

Let's collaborate for a brighter future in radiopharmaceuticals.

Contact:Dr. Eli ShalomCEOIsotopia Molecular Imaging

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