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Kindred and Dutch Matchis raise awareness for the need of stem cell donors

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VALLETTA, Malta, June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Kindred launches a new campaign with Matchis, the Dutch Centre for Stem Cell Donors, to generate more awareness for stem cell transplantation and the shortage of donors. As a part of the campaign, Unibet will encourage its customer database to register as stem cell donors. The project is a part of "Unibet Impact" in the Netherlands.

Kindred Group plc (Kindred), and its flagship brand Unibet, has teamed up with Matchis, the Dutch Center for Stem Cell Donors. Matchis ensures that seriously ill patients who need to undergo a stem cell transplant receive the most suitable donor as quickly as possible. By activating Kindred's customer database in the Netherlands, both organisations hope to encourage people to register as stem cell donors. Kindred will reimburse Matchis's costs to process new registrations during the campaign. Increasing social engagement through partnerships, initiatives, and active sponsorships is a core pillar of Kindred's sustainability strategy and sits at the heart of our 'Unibet Impact' program in the Netherlands.

A stem cell transplant is the last chance for survival for hundreds of patients. Unfortunately, only 30 per cent of patients find a suitable donor in their family. It is, therefore, important that as many donors as possible are registered.

"This football season, there has been a lot of attention in Dutch football for the important work that Matchis does daily. It's an honour to launch this unique campaign with Matchis and support them. 'By players, for players' is our Unibet philosophy, and I hope that, by launching this campaign, we will be able to not only raise awareness for stem cell donations but also help those in need of a stem cell transplantation, says Lennart Kessels, General Manager, Netherlands, Kindred Group.

"Stem cell donation has received a lot of attention in recent months via the football clubs. Many people, especially men, have registered as stem cell donors. It is great that we can reach so many people through this campaign. Many of them will probably have heard about stem cell donation through football in the past year, so this is a reminder to those who may have already thought about it and hopefully now decide to sign up as stem cell donors", says Bert Elbertse, Manager Donor Relations and Communications at Matchis.

For more information:Maria Angell Dupont, External Communications Manager, Kindred 72 165 15 17

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