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Kindred reports on revenue from harmful gambling in the third quarter 2023

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VALLETTA, Malta, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In the third quarter of 2023, Kindred's share of revenue from harmful gambling was 3.3 per cent. During the quarter focus on detection and automated interventions has increased which is reflected in the steady positive trajectory of the improved behaviour after interventions, which this quarter was 86.7 per cent.

Kindred Group plc (Kindred) share of revenue from harmful gambling for the third quarter of 2023 was 3.3 (Q2 2023 3.1) per cent. In the past quarter, automated interventions have been rolled out continuously and enhanced features in the safer gambling toolkit have been implemented to provide a more comprehensive responsible gambling journey across Kindred's brands. The data for 2023 indicates that while the trend is consistent, more needs to be done. While Kindred continues to work actively to achieve a safer gambling experience for all customers, it also recognises that further steps need to be taken to establish a long-term sustainable industry across all markets. A positive trend is seen across detected customers improving their gambling behaviour after an intervention. This quarter, 86.7 per cent of detected customers improved their behaviour after interventions.

*90 day rolling period between 18 June and 19 September 2023

About Kindred's Journey towards Zero

Kindred Group is committed to transform gambling by being a trusted source of entertainment that contributes positively to society. Therefore, Kindred has set an ambition to reach zero per cent revenue from harmful gambling and to report this metric on a quarterly basis. This is done to increase transparency, to support a fact-based dialogue about harmful gambling, and to raise awareness of the Group's sustainability work. To read more, visit:

For more information:Maria Angell Dupont, External Communications Manager, Kindred 72 165 15 17

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