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Mackmyra Identitet - a dynamic showdown

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GÄVLE, Sweden, Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Mackmyra's two strongest characters come together for the first time in a powerful but well-balanced release. The latest release describes the soul and character of Mackmyra - where the main characters of Svensk Ek and Svensk Rök must coexist and share space on the same stage. The showdown, however, quickly turns into a harmonious encounter, where the characteristics of oak and smoke are combined in a powerful and well-balanced experience.

Mackmyra Identitet is a single malt whisky and the result of combining for the first time two of the distillery's mainstays - the Swedish oak cask and the Swedish smokey recipe with local peat and juniper. Identity is innovative and at the same time "back to the roots" - an unforgettable journey through taste and smell for all whisky lovers.

The whisky is an amber treasure with a unique character. The mild and deep smokiness of the aroma opens the door to a world of flavors where lively notes of orange, sweet vanilla and a slight nuttiness are prominent throughout the journey.

"Mackmyra Identitet is our soul in a bottle, a whisky that reflects our heritage and combines our core characters of Svensk Ek and Svensk Rök. I'm extremely proud of the way we put together the recipe for this whisky and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you," says Lii Johnson, Blender.

"This launch is further proof that we have an exciting drive forward, with our releases receiving great recognition and selling out quickly. Not least Mackmyra 001, Sweden's first 20-year-old whisky, which sold out in minutes. This is a confirmation that our passion and dedication to the craft is appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world," says Patrick Björsjö, CEO.

FragranceA mild and deep smoky note with lively citrus notes of orange, sweet vanilla and a slightly nutty undertone.

TasteOn the tongue, a full-bodied smoke dances with distinct sweetness and mild bitterness. The taste buds are surprised by nuances of vanilla toffee, brown sugar and cashew nuts, which provide a warm and rich mouthfeel. Meanwhile, the citrus notes reveal flavors of lemon, orange and ginger that provide a lively contrast.

TasteAll the components of aroma and taste come together in the long and memorable aftertaste. Here, the full-bodied but mild smoke is particularly evident. There are also hints of cask bitterness and a subtle hint of dark chocolate, giving Mackmyra Identitet incredible depth and complexity.

Mackmyra Identitet will be launched October 3rd.

Mackmyra Identity Sales start: 2023-10-03Alcohol content: 48.7%.Price: €64,99

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