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“Taking the climate crisis seriously despite the COVID-19 pandemic”

German President symbolically presents German Environmental Award via video message

Hannover/Osnabrück. Today (26 October 2020) / News Aktuell.- , the German Federal Environmental Foundation’s German Environmental Award, which has a remuneration of EUR 500,000, is being presented for the 28th time at the HCC Hannover Congress Centrum. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is sending a clear signal with his remarks: despite the fact that he is currently in quarantine, he will be symbolically presenting the DBU Award – which is one of the richest in Europe – via video message that will be broadcast the event. DBU General Secretary Alexander Bonde says that the foundation felt extremely honoured by this demonstration of esteem. “This is a clear indication of the importance of this award – and of the fact that we need to continue to take the challenges of the climate crisis seriously on a political, societal, economic and scientific level, despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Bonde.


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