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UCB Full Year Report 2020: UCB - sustaining growth, now and into the future (3)

· The appointment of Mrs. Fiona du Monceau as Director. If elected by the AGM 2021, she will become Vice Chair of the Board in replacement of Pierre Gurdjian, who will stay in the Board as independent Director for the remainder of his mandate. Fiona du Monceau is a representative of the Reference Shareholder and does not qualify as independent Director in accordance with the criteria of the 2020 Code.

· The appointment of Mr. Jonathan Peacock as independent Director. Jonathan Peacock meets all criteria of the 2020 Code and the Board to qualify as independent Director. If he is elected by the AGM 2021, Jonathan Peacock will become the Chair of the Audit Committee in replacement of Albrecht De Graeve.

· The renewal of the mandate of Albrecht De Graeve as Director. Albrecht De Graeve will qualify as independent Director only for the first year of his renewed mandate of 4 years (until the General Meeting of 2022). If re-elected, Albrecht De Graeve will stay as independent member of the Audit Committee for one additional year (until the General Meeting of April 2022). From the General Meeting of 2022 until the end of his mandate (2025) Albrecht De Graeve will remain non-independent member of the Board and will no longer be member of the Audit Committee.

· The renewal of the mandate of Mrs. Viviane Monges as independent member of the Board. If her mandate is renewed by the AGM 2021, Viviane Monges will remain independent member of the Audit Committee.

· In January 2021, UCB announced the cooptation of Professor Susan Gasser as new member of UCB's Board of Directors, to be ratified at UCB's next General Assembly on April 29, 2021. Prof Gasser replaces Professor Alice Dautry who has reached the statutory age limit. The cooptation of Prof Susan Gasser was conducted in accordance with both the statutory rules of UCB and the BCCA. If approved at the next general assembly, Prof Gasser will qualify as an independent Board member and serve a 4-year mandate. She would also be appointed as a member of the Scientific Committee of the Board.

The mandate of Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) will end at the AGM 2021. By application of the European and Belgian mandatory rotation rules applicable to external auditors, PwC is no longer eligible for re-election as an external Statutory Auditor. Based on a selection process overseen by the UCB Audit Committee, the resultant recommendation and approval by the company's works council, the Board will therefore propose the appointment of the audit firm Mazars Bedrijfsrevisoren - Réviseurs d'Entreprises CVBA/SCRL as its statutory auditor for a mandate of 3 years (legal term) at the AGM of April 29, 2021."

Sustainability is UCB's business approach and critical to long-term success and UCB's contribution to society.

· In this context, the company made progress to enable access to its solutions for all patients who need them and started to report on the access performance.

· As part of the broader aim to foster a positive working environment for all employees, UCB launched of a new health safety and well-being index.

· UCB continued to work to minimize its impact on the environment and to protect our planet's health, working towards ambitious environmental targets.

2020 also saw a sustainability governance framework established comprised of the new internal Sustainability Governance Committee and an External Sustainability Advisory Board that gathers external experts to provide an outside perspective on UCB's approach. As of 2020, UCB is a participant in the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and UCB committed to make the UN Global Compact and its principles an integral part of its business strategy, day-to-day operations and organizational culture.

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